Blue Stinger

Publisher: Sega Enterprises
Developer: Climax
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: Winter '98 (Japan)

After a massive coastal earthquake in the year 2000, a mysterious new island rises just outside Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. Dubbed "Dinosaur Island", Governments from all over the Pacific sent team after teams of scientists, biologists, and geologists to unlock the secret of the strange new land mass. Results of the surveys were kept secret, and eventually a grand new city was built on the newly formed shores. For 17 years, life was good. Until now...

And so the story of Climax's anticipated 3-D Action game, Blue Stinger, is set into motion. Assuming the role of Elliot G. Ballade, a member of an elite oceanic rescue team, you run, search, and blast your way through Dinosaur Island on a trek to solve it's unanswered mysteries. Borrowing some obvious elements from games such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, Blue Stinger utilizes a preset camera angle to  capture a cinematic look and feel as you progress from area to area. With the sheer power of the Dreamcast hardware behind them, the artists have really gone the extra mile, and the results are visually breath-taking. These are first generation graphics? Amazing.

In true adventure game fashion, you traverse the slick looking cityscape, solving puzzles and blasting the hell out of scores of various monstrosities. With such grotesque and imaginative creations coming at you full force, you'll need the games many weapons to keep you alive. Lasers, napalm, and bazookas are just the beginning of the huge arsenal at your disposal. Should things really get difficult, you can even throw off the gloves and duke it out with an opponent one on one. Control of the battle gear is promised to be smooth as can be with well-placed action buttons and some precise analog movement.

But don't think Elliot will be all alone on Dinosaur Island. You'll encounter weapons experts, computer geniuses, and strange ghost-like entities as you try and make it out of the city alive. The exact manner in how these NPC's help you has yet to be revealed, but it's not totally out of the question that they could become a selectable character at some point in the quest.

With a myriad of plot twists, evil creatures, and unbelievable graphics, Blue Stinger may be the one of the true sleeper hits of the Dreamcast's debut. I for one, can't wait to get my hands my on it.



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